Horsepower is a daytime event organised by Falkirk Community Trust on September 9th 2017 to take place in the Helix Park by the monumental Kelpies Sculptures.

 UZ Arts are commissioning a performance inspired by the notion of horsepower to take place during the event. The performance will be developed during a 6-day residency at Cove Park from the 24-29th April.

The residency will be led by Neil Butler, Artistic Director of UZ Arts, with artists Juri Cainero, Neighbourhood Watch, Natasha Russell, Thomas Chaussebourg and Jeremy Raison.

The Artists: 

Juri Cainero

Juri is a Swiss Italian musician – percussion and voice – who also directs street, physical and musical theatre group Onyrikon. He is also experienced in making masks, costumes and strange musical instruments often with recycled or found materials. Juri is interested in the crossing area between spectacle and ritual. He has been exploring that intersection in his own work and by visiting traditional rituals in Benin, Mexico, India and Sri Lanka. 

Thomas Chaussebourg

Click through the below Vimeo links for some teasers of Thomas’ unique performances. 

Natasha Russell

Natasha is an illustrator who works with drawing, printmaking and installation to weave together all sorts of ideas and imagery, from microscopic specimens to folklores. These work as visual encyclopaedias, revealing links between disparate stories and portraying webs of knowledge that form our understanding of a place or a thing. Natasha is also very interested and open to shifting out of this way of working to collaborate with others in more public or performative settings. 

Jeremy Raison

Jeremy is a writer, director and film-maker whose main work now is writing: stage plays, radio and a current sequence of children’s novels. He has written 30 produced plays, directed more than 60 theatre productions and has led workshops internationally for British Council and Visiting Arts in Zimbabwe, Iran, Pakistan and Denmark. Alongside new writing Jeremy specialises in fresh versions of classic texts. Jeremy ran the internationally renowned Citizens Theatre Glasgow from 2003 – 2010. He is joining the group as dramaturg.

Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch Stilts International produce street theatre and music, making art and run workshops. The performances cross genres and playfully promote public ownership of space, reinvention of the urban context, freedom of expression, valuing of the environment, other species and of difference. It is their aim to remove divisions and to concentrate on theatre ‘of’ rather than merely ‘in’ the street.