I first performed in public when I was seventeen and since then I have worked as an artist, creative producer and cultural strategist.

On this site I endeavour to document this creative life and the people who took part. It follows the founding of Brighton’s Contemporary Arts Festival and the critical and commercial success of the Zap Club; large-scale multi-art form productions in London; Streetbiz, UZ Productions and UZ Arts in Glasgow and Sura Medura in Sri Lanka. Along the way there’s been festivals across Scotland and the UK and projects that have spanned Europe and the World.

So the site works as an archive of fifty years of contemporary art and public entertainment and also as a platform for sharing knowledge from many years of producing art projects. It’s  a place to explore new initiatives, new work and new possibilities …

The site is live – do check out the blog for the latest news and my thoughts on how we got here and where we might be going … and feel free to contact me with comments and with any stories or images you may have from the events featured here – or from others that ought to be here.

In all my work, I explore the possibility of creating new realities.

I have divided the archive of projects into exhibitions, performance and my work as creative producer of multi art-form events. I feature platforms as a means of bringing together innovative, courageous artists and adventurous, curious audiences generally presented outside of conventional venues. Art in public space.

I continue to work internationally with public and private organisations, cities and governments to develop cultural strategies and create festivals and events. I’m interested in the way that collaborations between creative individuals and organisations across sectors can create positive social and economic outcomes.

But most of all, I believe that art and creativity enriches all of our lives.