Insitu wins major European Award – Press Release

Insitu, the pan European network founded by UZ Arts in Glasgow, Marseille and Graz today announced it has won a major award from the EU Creative Europe Culture funding programme, “Platform”. The fund will enable Insitu to expand its network over the next 3 years. The award is for 500,000 Euro a year, to promote outdoor arts and enable artists and producers to travel throughout Europe, creating new opportunities and collaborations. The fund is particularly focused on promoting and supporting emerging talent.

The award consolidates Insitu as Europe’s primary network to develop art in public space. Insitu currently has 18 members representing major festivals in 13 countries of the European Union who between them reach and audience of over 700,000 a year. It is expected that over the next 3 years the network will expand to 30 members and reach an audience in excess of 1,000,000 a year. Glasgow based UZ Arts sit on the governing committee of Insitu representing the UK and with special responsibility for International Affairs.

Insitu was one of 4 organisation selected out of 24 proposals. In its evaluation of Insitu, the Head of the Creative Europe team scored the proposal 88/100, substantially higher than the 72/100 funding threshold.

Said Neil Butler Artistic Director of UZ Arts

“UZ Arts founded the insitu network with our colleagues in Marseille and Graz in 2002. Our membership has been possible through the support of the Scottish Arts Council and Creative Scotland. Our membership has allowed us to bring international artists to audiences throughout Scotland and take Scottish artists to present their work across Europe. This is an incredibly exciting development for Insitu and for Scottish producers and artists. The new fund will give many opportunities for Scottish producers and Scottish artists at the beginning of their careers to travel and develop their work and promote Scottish arts and culture across Europe.”