2011 • The Cleikum Club

The Cleikum Club was a Salon established way back in 1789. I resurrected the concept and name in 2011 and launched it with Colin Clydesdale and Carol Wright of Stravaigin and the Ubiquitous Chip restaurants in Glasgow who have supported many arts projects over the years. I also took on the role of master of ceremonies.

The idea was to showcase the nation’s past, present and future through the medium of good food and good conversation. With radicals, revolutionaries and reformers from every walk of life, we planned to explode myths and controversies and dispose of stereotypes.

To open proceedings, I would sound this gong (below) to signal the start of an evening of incredibly inventive food punctuated by demonstrations, discourse and – on one occasion – a performance so sufficiently challenging (thank you, Hilary Westlake), a waiter asked to be excused due to embarrassment.