2003 • Datum Ditto

In 2003, at the Stravaigin cafe-bar in Glasgow, I created a performance with Ian Smith in homage to Dieter Meier, the performance artist, professional gambler and rock star with the band Yello.  It referenced Meier’s work, Datum II, when on the 23rd March 1994, he stood on the cast iron plaque in Kassel town square that he had placed there 22 years before to commemorate him standing on it in 1994. We invited Deiter to Stravaign for dinner and to arrive at exactly 8pm. He arrived and we asked him to unveil a plaque that said:

“At 8.03 pm on 23 March 1994, Dieter Meier,
in the presence of Monty Cantsin (aka Ian Smith) and Neil Butler,
will unveil this plaque.”

There followed indoor fireworks and a trombone solo. Dieter was delighted.

Performance Plaque l to r: Neil Butler, Deiter Meier (Yello)  and Ian Smith Stravaign, Glasgow, 2003
Performance Plaque, 2003
l to r: Neil Butler, Dieter Meier (Yello) and Ian Smith
Stravaign, Glasgow
image: Alan Mcteer