RAW: Real Art Week 2002

A feast of contemporary Scottish art with exhibitions & events

Location:   Glasgow
Venue: Various Glasgow Venues
Dates: 09 April 2002 to 14 April 2002 

April 2002 saw the launch of a pilot initiative aimed at developing audiences for the contemporary visual arts in Glasgow. The pilot was to test the potential for developing a contemporary visual arts weekend in Glasgow around the time of the successful Glasgow Art Fair. The events at each of the participating venues were promoted in each of the partner venues with the aim of creating a cross-fertilisation of audiences. 

RAW 02 was a collaborative initiative developed by key Glasgow visual arts organisations and promoters and led by UZ Events, the producers of the Glasgow Art Fair. The main aim for 2002 was to attract residents and visitors to the Visual Arts in Glasgow utilising the already strong audience base attracted to the Glasgow Art Fair by cross marketing/programming across the venues group. 

The pilot was partially self funded by the participant organisations and further supported by Glasgow City Council and Scottish Enterprise Glasgow. 

The initiative was limited to the following organisations for year 1: 
Glasgow Art Fair
Glasgow School of Art

An increase in audiences was reported by all of the participating venues, and research showed a high level of awareness of the campaign. Reported audience increases ranged from 8% – 60%.

RAW: Real Art Weekend 2003

Location: Glasgow
Venue: Various throughout city centre
Dates: 09 April 2003 to 13 April 2003 

UZ is currently developing pilot work carried out in 2002 which aimed to create a stronger focus for the contemporary visual arts in Glasgow around the time of the already successful Glasgow Art Fair. Last year’s pilot activities, which saw the involvement of GOMA, Tramway, CCA, Arches, Glasgow School of Art and Lighthouse, will continue in 2003 with an aim to build towards a Festival Programme in 2004. 

Recently Scottish Enterprise Glasgow supported a consultation day which invited representatives from last years pilot group together with Visual Arts professionals with a wider national and international perspective, to come together and discuss the possibility of creating a Contemporary Visual Arts festival in Glasgow. 
Updates on progress with be posted on this site.