Creative Futures at Sura Medura Exhibition

Creative Futures at Sura Medura International Residency Centre, Sri Lanka

Exhibition of works at The Briggait, Glasgow
1- 14 March 2014

The exhibition ‘Creative Futures at Sura Medura, Sri Lanka’ featured the work of 14 artists (10 from Scotland, 2 from Austria, and one from France and Italy) who have undertaken residencies at Sura Medura International Residency Centre in Sri Lanka, operated by UZ Arts, and funded through Creative Scotland’s ‘Creative Futures’ and IN SITU’s ‘Europeans Abroad’ funding programmes.  Established in 2011, the centre offers opportunities for artists from all disciplines to create work that is enhanced by being developed in Sri Lanka.

The work featured in the exhibition was a mix of original work and documentation of site-specfic and performance work by 14 artists who have undertaken residencies at Sura Medura since 2011: Olivier Grossetete, Adrian Schvarzstein, Maria McCavana, Thor McIntyre Burnie, Hannah Brackston, Kit Mead, Eva and Gerhard Pichler, Lyndsay Sekulowicz, Jo Hodges, Robbie Coleman, Tom Pritchard, Sita Iona Pieraccini and Mark Vernon.

Neil Butler, Director, UZ Arts said: ‘This  exhibition illustrates the contribution of Scottish artists to the Colombo Art Biennale and the importance of Sura Medura to the Scottish and Sri Lankan artists who meet through its programmes.’

The exhibition was launched with a Civic Reception on 28th February hosted by the Baillie Liz Cameron and coincided with the IN-SITU (European network for artistic creation in public space) conference in Stirling which brings together Festival Directors, Producers and artists from the UK, France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Bulgaria, Norway, Denmark, Slovakia and Hungary representing some of Europe’s most significant festivals and ‘creation centres’.  The evening featured performances from ConfluxMischief La BasOceanallover and Surreal McCoy

The Sura Medura residency programme is part of Creative Futures, a Creative Scotland talent development programme which aims to fund and promote the professional development, capabilities, connectivity and ambitions of Scotland’s creative practitioners and organisations.