Aberdeen’s Millennium Hogmanay

Location: Aberdeen
Venue: City Centre
Dates: 31 December 1999 to 01 January 2000 

In 1999 Aberdeen joined Glasgow and Edinburgh as one of the top three Scottish locations to celebrate Hogmanay in grand style with a city-wide event.

The City and the media regarded Aberdeen’s Millennium Hogmanay as a major triumph and achievement, with over 70,000 families, young people and visitors flocking to the city centre to enjoy the celebrations.

UZ introduced a new and thorough event planning and safety methodology to Aberdeen, which ensured that the month long programme of events ran smoothly and safely with record public attendance. For the first time, in 1999, these events were co-funded by both the city and business sponsorship raised by UZ

Aberdeen City Council

Bon Accord Centre/Land Securities, St Nicholas Centre, North Sound Radio, Aberdeen Harbour Board, Aberdeen Evening Express, Jarvis Hotel Group, Arts and Business, Millennium Commission, First Group.