The Making of Buzzbeak

A giant condor has landed in Shetland as part of Roofless in the form of Buzz Beak. Artist Sumit Sarkar was commissioned by UZ to create a Transformer-like animatronic musical bird with the help of engineer Duncan Turner somewhere on a farm in East Ayrshire. Born from Sumit’s love of the Transformers film and TV series, Buzzbeak uses music given to him from the local community in the form of anyinstruments being played, cds, vinyl, MP3s. There will be a spectacular finale after its tour of Shetland where Buzzbeak’s incarnation will come to life with digital imaging and video mapping. In association with Shetland Arts, Roofless will bring Engine Tuning to Shetland in August 2012 with plans to tour the UK and Europe.

Week 4 of the Buzzbeak build
Modelling of the Land Rover for video mapping as part of the finale for Engine Tuning